We’re glad we were born!
How about you?

If you’re glad you were born,
help others have the same chance.

We believe every person’s life should be celebrated, right from the start.
We’re glad we were born. If you’re glad you were born, help support our message by adding your face!

At Friends Of Lives, we believe the heart of every pregnancy issue belongs to the mother. Mom’s heart will bond with her child’s who will grow up crawling, walking and running to her for the kind of love only she can give.

We encourage expectant Moms to wonder about their child’s future. Smiles, birthdays, graduation, maybe a wedding. When Mom imagines the life of her child––and believes she’s responsible for a person who will laugh, love and accomplish things beyond imagination––her baby will be born.

Please review our site, our mission and some realizations about this life that we’re blessed to share.


Did you know that having sex
leads to pregnancy?

The more we remind teens that having sex leads to pregnancy, the more they might avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Many teens, victims of raging hormones and short attention spans, have sexual encounters leading to unwanted pregnancy, abortion and other issues.

The Bio-Math Program, explained in detail here, provides simple messages to remind teens that having sex leads to pregnancy. That’s all. But given the culture we live in, it can never be said enough! Especially when unwanted pregnancy puts young teens’ lives in turmoil and risks their innocent child’s life to abortion.

Friends Of Lives will message teens to hopefully reduce teen pregnancy, help them avoid abortion and therefore save more babies in the process.

Please review our site, which explains our mission, and some realizations about the life we’re blessed to share.

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