Touching Hearts and Minds

Friends Of Lives believes in the sanctity of life. We celebrate it, too. We’re non-profit, a 501c3 company started in 2017 with one goal––to save babies. Using billboards, print ads, video, and other media, we produce life-affirming messages designed to touch the hearts and minds of those who may face unwanted pregnancy. We want expectant mothers, fathers, sexually active teens, and couples to think more deeply about our shared ability to create another life and to welcome that new life into our world.

We also want to connect people with sources for help and will develop this further as we progress. Click Need Help for our growing list of life-affirming, helpful agencies.

Two of our outreach programs, The Glad Program and The Bio-Math Program, are introduced below.



Introducing the Glad Program.

Are you glad you were born?
Us, too! And the only reason we’re here is because each of our Moms chose life.

Choosing life is something to be glad about!

Friends Of Lives developed The Glad Program to showcase life, speaking directly to reluctant Moms who may be considering an abortion. Through The Glad Program we encourage every expectant mother to imagine the face, voice, personality and future of her child. There is a person developing who will smile, laugh, hug, and love. A person who can achieve things beyond imagination. The Glad Program celebrates life, Mom, and that precious child in her womb who, just like us, will be glad they were born. In fact, your face, my face, any of our faces could support the message on this billboard.

Initially The Glad Program is designed for billboards, a highly visible way to reach a large cross-section of people. We’ll rent more and more billboards near Planned Parenthood clinics, schools and shopping areas. As funds permit, we’ll develop radio and video messages and gain a growing presence across the web. All our projects will be posted on this site.

Recent Postings of The Glad Program

You can view some recent billboards at Friends Of Lives NEWS.
You can even add your face to this campaign!! Please help us with funds or faces so we can help give others the chance to say, “I’m glad I was born.”

Introducing The Bio-Math Program.

Friends Of Lives developed The Bio-Math Program to remind teens that
having sex leads to pregnancy,
having sex leads to pregnancy,
and that having sex leads to pregnancy.

It can’t be said enough. Teens deal with a wide range of mental and physical development, emotional hurdles and powerful new-found sexuality. They enjoy more and more freedom, needing less and less parental supervision. Add it all together and yikes! This is why we believe in reminding them. The more they’re reminded, the better. Especially when unwanted pregnancy brings such turmoil and risks an innocent child’s life to abortion.

What’s Bio-Math?

Combine basic biology with elemental math. 1 female + 1 male = a group of 3 (mother, father and baby). It’s a natural equation for conception. Little children are taught that 1+1=2, but as teens, combining science and math into the formula for life is important to remember. They’ll be tested on its results every day.

The Bio-Math Program develops simple and basic messages just to remind teens what they’re dealing with. Posted in and around schools, school websites and sports programs, it may change a last-minute decision, even in the heat of the moment. School colors could also be used.

If we can help teens avoid unplanned pregnancy, we help them avoid tremendous stress and save more babies from possible abortion.

Recent Postings of The Bio-Math Program

You can view some recent billboards at Friends Of Lives NEWS.
As funding allows we’ll rent more billboards in more venues.
Please help with donations so we can help to influence teens, and ultimately save more babies.