Are you glad you were born?

You are? Wow, how about that?  Me, too!

I was born in 1950 and here’s a little background. I’m Christian, with a 40-year career in advertising and marketing. Long interested in life and living, I joined the fight to stop our federal government’s tax-paid abortion agenda in the 1990s and produced a “Vote No” campaign directed to each and every Congressman and Senator.

I started Friends Of Lives in 2017 with one goal.

Helping to save babies.

How? By promoting life. By publishing life-affirming messages that touch hearts and minds. Messages urging mothers, fathers, women and men to realize every unborn child’s potential. And messages to expose the deceptive advertising and marketing of the Pro-Choice movement.

As funds become available, we’ll rent more and more billboards, placing messages near Planned Parenthood clinics, schools and shopping areas. We’ll develop radio and video messages. We’ll gain a presence in other media and across the web. All our projects will be posted on this site. And when you join our campaign, we’ll make these available to you, should you wish to use them locally.

Babies, mothers and, yes, fathers need your help.

If you’re glad you were born, let’s help mothers and fathers save their babies, so they can have the same chance at life as we did, to grow and say, “I’m glad I was born.”


Thanks for your support to save babies.

Michael Snee