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We’re just starting out. Billboard rentals cost around $600 per month, depending on how much traffic passes by. Friends Of Lives currently has two programs. We believe they both will help save life, explained in full detail here. There’s a donation option below, so you can choose to support one program, or both. And if you’re glad you were born, you can even donate a photo of your face to help save babies and preserve motherhood!

As funds allow, we’ll show updates on Friends Of Lives NEWS and add other media to our outreach.

Thank you for donating. Watch the progress we make by working together!

The Glad Program

This life-affirming program encourages expectant mothers to imagine the face, voice, personality and future of her child. Developing within is a person who will smile, laugh, hug, and love. We believe this message will help influence Moms to consider birth over abortion.

The Bio-Math Program

This program reminds teenagers that sex leads to pregnancy. It can never be said too often. As their emotions develop in a world where sex is rampant, we believe our messages will help guide their actions, reduce teen pregnancy and the potential for abortion, which in turn saves lives.

Again we thank you!

Please donate to help save lives.

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