Michael Snee

Join our campaign to save babies.

Are you glad you were born? Me, too!

Here’s a little background. I’m a Christian believer with a 40-year career in advertising and marketing. In the 1990’s, I joined the movement to stop universal government tax-paid abortion and produced a “Vote No” campaign directed to every congressman and senator.

Friends Of Lives launched in 2017 with one simple goal––save babies by producing life-affirming messages to touch hearts and minds. These messages urge mothers, fathers, women and men to realize every unborn child’s potential. On the tougher side of things, and to address how we got into much of today’s abortion debate, other messages have been created to expose the deceptive advertising and marketing of the Pro-Choice movement.

As funds become available, we’ll rent more and more billboards, putting messages near Planned Parenthood clinics, schools and shopping areas. We’ll develop radio and video messages. We’ll use other media and gain exposure across the web. All our projects will be posted on this site. And when you join our campaign, we’ll make these available to you, should you wish to reproduce them locally.

Babies, mothers and, yes, even fathers need your help.

If you’re glad you were born, help mothers and fathers save their babies. Help all life get the same chance to grow and say, “I’m glad I was born.”


There are three ways you can help.

If you’re glad you were born,
add your face!

Add YOUR face to The Glad Program. Young or old, everyone is invited to this celebration of life. Let others know you’re glad that you were born! Help promote life for others!

Sure, a model release is required, but it’s so easy! Just view and accept TERMS & CONDITIONS on the signup form, then add your face! Even kids can add their faces––with parent or guardian permission.

To begin, just click the button: ADD YOUR FACE!


The Glad Program

If you’re glad you were born,
you could donate some money!

Donations help us rent billboards and purchase other media to expand our outreach and gain wider distribution for our messages.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

You can see our initial billboard postings here, at Friends Of Lives NEWS. As we move forward, billboards and other messages to promote life will be added.

Donate Now

If you’re glad you were born,
sponsor a church project!

Want an exciting church project that celebrates your whole congregation, gains participation, extends community outreach and promotes life?

Friends Of Lives will furnish you (for free) source files for The Glad Program so you can put the faces of your own congregation on your own billboard! You can rotate member’s portraits or produce several versions of billboards at the same time. Add the name of your church. Plan your own schedule with your area billboard companies. Once your artwork is set up, use it in church bulletins, magazines, posters and other media. It could also be used on city buses, benches, and athletic field fence banners.

Both programs are available. More about The Glad Program and Bio-Math Program can be seen here.

If interested, just email your church request for source files, here.

United in spirit, we can
promote life and save babies.