Three reasons behind today’s abortion rate.

  • Reason 1: Unwanted pregnancy.
    Mom doesn’t want to be pregnant now. Maybe later, under different circumstances.

  • Reason 2: False science.
    False science tries to tell us when life begins. False science tries to convince Mom that she has a lifeless blob inside. False science tries to argue that the blob cannot experience pain, or her love. False science tries to teach that having an abortion will not affect Mom, now or later.

  • Reason 3: Legalized sex discrimination 
    Pro-Choice embraces False Science (see Reason 2) and convinces lobbyists and politicians to believe it. Dimwitted and deceitful lawmakers think that if human life doesn’t exist until birth, well then, human rights do not apply to the unborn. (But recently, our goverment is promoting the killing babies that have been born.) Nudged along by Pro-Choice, political hype convinces women to be proud, proud and free to abort whenever the woman “chooses.” Pro-Choice tries to convince women (and men) that every pregnancy, even though a father is involved, concerns only the woman. Pro-Choice and their religious followers praise and applaud when a woman defies the father and aborts. Manipulated by Pro-Choice, our government has ignored basic biology, eliminated human rights, brushed aside men, and legalized sex discrimination.