How Pro-Choice distorts our freedoms.

Debates about abortion are emotional. Passionate. One side emphasizes life, calling themselves “Pro-Life.” The other side emphasizes liberty, dubbed “Pro-Choice.” Each side gets loyal members and their debate is hotly fueled because each side has plucked one word from our Declaration of Independence, then applies it as evidence to justify their position. Each side is waving the same American flag as ‘life’ battles ‘liberty.’ Can a battle like this have a winner?

Our founder’s Declaration states that our Creator gives humans certain rights that should never be taken away by government. Among them, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Fifty-six signers agreed, listing ‘life’ first, then ‘liberty’ and lastly, ‘pursuit of happiness.’ Listing ‘life’ first reveals both wisdom and logic. Without life, how can liberty or the ability to pursue happiness exist? We must be living before we can do anything else.

Pro-Life groups recognize this. They seek to protect all children developing in their mother’s womb (future adults who can work, play, laugh, love, and reproduce) by battling for their right to keep their ‘life’ given them by the Creator.

In round-about ‘pursuit of happiness,’ our culture demanded more and more sexual liberty….which increased unwanted pregnancies….which increased demand for birth-control abortions….granting even more liberty to pursue sexual happiness with no restrictions and no accountability. Round and round it went. Pro-Choice groups seized upon this popular ‘pursuit of sexual happiness’ trend. By latching onto our Declaration’s second word, ‘liberty’, pro-choice groups pressured our 1973 U.S. Supreme court to redefine ‘liberty’ as a license for women to get abortions any time they wanted, or abortion on demand. As such, our government thereby granted to women (and to men) a new kind of ‘liberty’ to ‘pursue happiness’ – by taking away ‘life.’

Since that government ruling on Roe v Wade in 1973, over 60 million babies have been aborted in the U.S., well over one million a year.

While Pro-Choice fully supports their brand of ‘liberty’ to have an abortion whenever the woman chooses, some ‘liberty’ fringe-types seek compromise with ‘life’ groups, saying abortion should only be used in cases of rape or incest, or to protect the ‘life’ of the mother.

However, most abortions are indeed done for birth control and public sentiment is growing against using abortion for birth control. Pro-Choice groups, eager to justify their “anytime” abortion stance, refuse to admit most abortions are done for birth control. They claim there’s no evidence. Well then, if Pro-Choice groups are correct, since 1973 there must have been 60 million horrific rapes, or 60 million cases of decriminalized incest, or 60 million pregnancies that endangered the life of the mother, or maybe some combination of those three events?


The Pro-Choice ‘liberty’ stance is a sad distortion of American rights. Pro-Choice, the slogan, the marketing brand and active civil movement, has highjacked patriotism in ways that are misguided, distorted and deceptive. Pro-Choice ignores the Declaration’s meaning of ‘liberty’ for all of humanity. Pro-Choice wants ‘liberty’ only for the mother (female), while they justify theft of ‘liberty’ from child and father (male). As such, Pro-Choice lobbies and entices government officials to endorse, promote and pass laws for legalized sex discrimination. Pro-Choice women’s rights, rights granted solely upon being female, are celebrated in political arenas across the country. Pro-choice has encouraged our own government to undermine, take away and destroy the meaning of ‘liberty’ in our founding documents.

Pro-Choice ignores science and ethics.

When does ‘life’ begin?
At conception? At birth? Somewhere in between?

Is life born from something dead?
Life is always made from existing life.

Must we continue this ridiculous debate? In the cycle of reproduction, when did ‘life’ ever stop? Sperm are living and carry half a formula to generate more life. Eggs are living and carry their half a formula to generate more life. Get them together and existing life sparks more life. Life started a long time ago and has never stopped.

But even with today’s science and microbiology, Pro-Choice refuses to admit that life is an ongoing process. Why? Because it weakens their argument that abortion doesn’t destroy ‘life.’ Pro-Choice argues that abortion only prevents a lifeless blob from becoming a living human. Pro-Choice argues that the blob getting bigger and bigger in the womb is not a living human until after it’s born, breathing air like the rest of us. But shockingly, our government is now making new laws where even being outside the womb gives no rights or hope to a living, breathing human, a citizen of the U. S.

Pro-Choice has inserted itself into our culture, our government and our future. Pro-Choice is the brand name and the main sales pitch to justify ending the ‘life’ of millions upon millions of children. Pro-Choice recruits loyal members to push their agenda while hiding the truth: that our nation now legally murders millions of babies, not just to sidestep sexual accountability, but to help increase the supply of human fetal tissue to several industries that are subsidized by our taxes and guarded from view by our courts.


Friends Of Lives promotes ‘life’.

In the war of patriotic-sounding words, advertising slogans and twisted court rulings, the false and deceptive Pro-Choice ‘liberty’ brand must be exposed. Hopefully we can unmask Pro-Choice with its false patriotism, political endorsements and hidden agenda to control women––all of which enable murderous industries to profit from each unwanted pregnancy.

We’re also working to reduce teen pregnancy by simply reminding them that having sex leads to pregnancy. We believe that teens, with their raging hormones and short attention spans, can never be reminded enough. Every teen who doesn’t get pregnant today, is a teen who won’t face the deceit of Pro-Choice tomorrow.

Please review our concepts. Join our campaign to reach teens and expectant mothers in time to save life.

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