How a great advertising slogan was born
to help eliminate birth.

Imagine this boardroom meeting and discussion.

“So our client is asking –– how do we get more Moms…to buy more abortions…for more of their kids?”

“Okay, people. Ideas?”
“…more abortions…more kids…hmm.”
“We need wide-spread mass marketing and some really slick advertising…to make abortion sound like, you gotta have one. Like, everybody’s doing it. Keep up with the Joneses and all that.”
“Yeah, but we need a great slogan, too.”
“Hmm. How about this? ‘Got Kid? Get Rid!'”
“Uh, no.”

“Yeah, kind of blunt, don’t you think? We need something really slick here.”
“Well if we need to increase sales and want to make it seem like everybody’s doing it, then abortion should probably sound all-American, too.”
“Could work. All that American stuff is always a good hook. Remember all those fourth of July sales we cleaned up on?”
“Hey, how about this? ‘Proud Americans Abort!'”
“Sounds like, if you don’t abort, you’re not a proud American. I’d vote no on that.”
“Well, here’s one. ‘Be free to choose to do the American abortion you want today!'”
“I don’t know…kind of long. And we don’t really want the word, ‘abortion’ in our slogan, do we?”
“Yeah, that’s too direct. Too in their face. However…’free to choose’ sounds patriotic in some ways, doesn’t it?”
“‘Free to choose’….Hmmm.”
“Or, how about this? ‘Choose to be free!’ Every mother would like hearing that! Always complaining about no ‘free’ time, right?”
“‘Choose to be free?’ That misses the mark by about two-hundred years. We’re not in the 1700’s, still fighting the King of England.”
“Okay, but liberty came from that, right? I mean, ‘liberty’ is listed in the Declaration…you know, ‘life, liberty, pursuit of hap–”

“Yeah, I guess. So…what do you think?”
“Well, liberty means being free to choose stuff…where you live, what you buy, who you marry…so it’s kind of the same type of thing.”
“We don’t want mothers to think they can only choose abortion, though.”
“Right. Some mothers will still want to choose to have their baby.”
“We’d rather they’d pick abortion, but we can’t hit ’em over the head with it. So they need to have a choice to go this way, or that way.”
“‘Choice’ means the same as ‘selection.’ Everybody likes ‘selection’ when they’re shopping for something. That would sell!”
“‘Choice…selection…it does lend a retail sound, which can definitely help. Maybe we’re on to something here.”
“Hey, I know. How about this? ‘I’m for choice.'”
“Who isn’t? I’m pro-choice on all kinds of things. So what?”

“Hmm, wait a minute. You said, ‘pro-choice.’ Kind of sounds like ‘liberty.’ Might tie in with all that women’s lib stuff, and all that.”
“Do you have something against women’s lib?”
“No. I just meant that ‘pro-choice’ kind of has that ring of freedom and ‘liberty’ to it. Women’s lib is is an ‘American’ thing, too. Isn’t it?”
“Pro-choice.’ Short, doesn’t box the mother in. She can decide to get an abortion, or anything else she wants! That could have terrific appeal! Maybe we can use the Statue of Liberty for a brand logo.”
“Pro-Choice! Not bad at all. Sounds ‘American’…has a somewhat historic, patriotic tie-in…sales should really take off!”
“Pro-Choice! The more that everybody buys into it––hey, we might get all kinds of support from Congress, and their lobbyists, too.”
“Yeah, they’re always trying to get more women to vote for them. Think of the votes they could get with this type of program!”
“Could give them leverage to legally buy more votes for themselves.”
“How’s that gonna work?”

“How? They just funnel millions in taxes to fund abortion programs and other kinds of ‘Pro-Choice’ stuff, and in turn all those folks will support them, campaign for them, vote for–”
“That’s gonna save us a ton of money in promotion! I think we’re on to something here.”
“Sure. Politicians campaign all the time. National, state and local. When we get them to help sell this, it will really add momentum. It’s a win, win, win!”
“Gives them a fresh angle with a killer patriotic theme. And a pitch slogan that’s quick and slick.”
“Right. Quick and slick!”
“It has to get ’em more votes!”
“You’re right! All they need to say, is that they’re ‘Pro-Choice,’ fighting for the liberty of American women!”
“Senators, Congressmen, State Reps, all of ’em are gonna pick this up and run with it. They’ll tell women that having an abortion is the proud and liberating American thing to do…women will hear their public officials everywhere promoting abortion and–”
“And feel less and less guilt, because now government says abortion is their God-given right as an American, with liberty to be happy–just like it says in that Declaration–and sales are gonna skyrocket! Hell, women will be lined up for miles!”
“And not just for abortions. They’ll be lined up to vote, too!”
“Okay, show of hands?”
“Then it’s ‘Pro-Choice’!!!  That’s it! Good work, everyone!”

The boardroom exploded with applause.
Congress exploded with debate.
Courtrooms exploded with rulings.

And sales of abortions exploded,
reaching unimaginable levels of financial success.

Powerful. Patriotic. Personal.

And ironic.

A great advertising slogan was born
to help eliminate birth.