Sometimes truth can be tough stuff.

Let’s be real.
The truth surrounding abortion is not pretty. It’s gruesome.
So, fair warning : there are some images on this page
that you may find disturbing.

 Because of the misleading slogan, “Pro-Choice,” and undying efforts of their loyal followers, there are some subtle and not-so-subtle truths of legalized abortion-on-demand. These truths reach far beyond a woman’s needs and affect much more than ending her pregnancy. These truths affect dating, sex, marriage and future relationships for both women and men.

The concepts below deal with some of the negative shifts to our culture as a result of Pro-Choice. They show how our government has supported a behind-the-scenes effort to reduce respect for women and for life itself. They reveal how the 1973 Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade not only promoted abortion-on-demand but how their opinion encouraged a flood of immoral behavior across our county. Abortion-on-demand was ultimately encouraged because it benefited men, perhaps more than women.

It’s time to expose the truth surrounding Pro-Choice.
Some statements below may be offensive. Our reply is that truth can absolutely offend at times but truth is not evil. For instance, the truth behind eating a hamburger is the stench of the stockyard. Most of us live far away from that stinky truth. Distance insulates us from having to hold our noses and few of us think about the smelly truth behind the sizzle of beef. With the abortion issue, we’ve been insulated from many truths that have been repackaged and marketed under the deceptive labeling of  “freedom” and “choice” and “liberty”. This is a conceptual distance. It’s an artificial distance created by evil. Evil is any attempt to push us away, or distance us from truth.

The concepts below are full-page ads in pdf format.
If you want to use any of these concepts in your own efforts to help change hearts and minds,
please contact Friends Of Lives.